Video is a powerful tool. Useful and effective, it attracts and holds the attention of users.

Specialists in neuromarketing confirm that the human brain processes images faster than text, and that 90% of the data we process is visual. At ARCADIA we take care of each and every one of the steps involved in audiovisual production, ensuring that our clients' objectives are met.
  • Documentaries
  • Advertising
  • Clinical interviews
  • Recording in the operating theatre
  • Corporate video
  • Congresses and events
  • Master classes
  • Location of spaces and/or exteriors
  • Virtual stage sets
  • Art direction
  • Script
  • Casting
  • Lighting and direct sound
  • Multiscreen
  • Recording
  • Voice-over
  • Dubbing
  • Sound room
  • Music production
  • Final edition